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For Me

November 30, 2010 | Comments | Uncategorized

I have come to the point that I Love most people, almost all of the time.

Some people I don’t love some of the time, as I am still learning to Love Unconditionally. It is part of my Practice of Awakening.

It may seem a little obvious, but I have noticed that being in a State of Love, where I Love Everybody and Everything, feels a lot better than not loving someone or something.

And I find that it is really quite impossible to Love Myself Unconditionally unless I am Loving Others Unconditionally, too. That much Love only comes from a Loving State of Being, from being Consumed by Love, from Choosing Love above all else.

So when I choose to Love others, to be Gracious and Care about them, to go out of my way to be Generous to them, to be Helpful and Kind to them, it isn’t just for them.

It’s for Me, too.

I Love Them so I can Love Myself.


Would you rather be Consumed by Love, or consumed by something else? How much Love are you spreading around today?

Suggested Exercise: Try Loving Unconditionally for a few hours today. Love Everyone and Everything and see how it feels. Do it for Yourself.

This Moment

November 17, 2010 | Comments | Uncategorized

This Moment, I am observing my thoughts and feelings.

This Moment, I see my joy and suffering from the same dispassionate perspective.

This Moment, I am completely detached from what happens next or what happened previously.

This Moment, I see that this moment is unique and like no other moment.

This Moment, I am transforming – consciously and intentionally, or otherwise.

This Moment, I see that my feelings are real, my thoughts are real, and this experience is real, even though they are quite fleeting.

This Moment is just one moment in the context of my lifetime.

This Moment is all there is.

This Moment.


Are you in The Moment right now? Have you stepped back from your current thoughts and feelings, or are you still attached?

Suggested Exercise: Think about this moment, then think about everything that has happened today, then the past month, then the past year, then your lifetime. See this moment in the context of uncountable precious and interesting moments.

The More I Learn

September 9, 2010 | Comments | Uncategorized


I just discovered a limiting belief that has really been holding me back: deep in my soul, I believed that the more I knew, the more worthy I was.

For years, my self-esteem has been at least partially dependent on my intellectual prowess. Passing the test, having the answers, being seen as a smart kid / man was what floated my boat. Being first, being best, being at the top was where I found comfort and safety.

I became addicted to winning the “smart guy game”.

The effect was that I had to keep learning and getting an “A” (or raise, promotion, or some other accolade) to feel good about myself. I wasn’t comfortable about who I was unless I was constantly learning new things and continually proving myself.

I wonder, is this a challenge / addiction with all of the other top achievers out there? Do we all measure our self-worth (at least at some level) in that way? Do we all have to be constantly proving ourselves?

For me, the choice is to stop this addiction.

Even though I will never stop learning,
    Now, I know I can be blissful and happy without learning anything new.
    Now, I know that I already have more than enough power and consciousness to be wildly successful at achieving my dreams.
    Now, I know that I don’t have to be the best, and I don’t have to come in first.

I am worthy and capable with what I already know.

Right now.

What else do you need to learn in order to feel good about yourself? Do you really believe that you can leverage your current level of Skill, Knowledge, and Presence into success? Are you still playing The Smart Guy Game, the Pretty Girl Game, the Tough Person Game or some other game?

Suggested Exercise: Make a list of the people you know who have accomplished great things despite their imperfections. Reflect on the ways in which you consider yourself to be unworthy and how that is holding you back.

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